Committees & Chairpersons

72 Hour Prayer Vigil Cindy Bates
Agape/Behind the Scenes Gigi Stoner
Community/Team Training Gretchen Potter
Facility Setup/Breakdown Jim Hattan
Group Reunions/Follow Up Charley Tyler
Music/Entertainment Charley Tyler
Newsletter Ben Stoner
Nominating Committee Lisbeth Smith
Registrar Pam Grubb
Sponsor’s Hour/Candlelight Beth Leidy
Supplies/Literature Lisbeth Smith
Team Selection Buck Frisbee
Web Site/Database Samuel Brescia

Standing Committees

  • Nominating. This committee shall consist of one (1) board member, three (3) members of the FCEC at large and the Spiritual Director. Members will serve a one (1) year term. The Nominating Committee will provide a slate of candidates to the community according to the procedures outlined in the FCEC Bylaws Article IV Section 4. b. The nominating committee shall submit to the board a slate of candidates. The slate shall include an appropriate demographic diversity among the members of the community. c. The ballot shall be provided to the FCEC members as part of the newsletter and shall be available no later than October 15 of each year. d. Ballots are to be received by the board no later than November 15 of each year.
  • Team Selection. This committee shall be organized and operate as provided for in the Bylaws of the FCEC, Article VIII Section 4. FCEC Bylaws Article VIII Section 4. The Board of Directors shall establish a Team Selection Committee. The Selection Committee shall consist of a board member who serves as chair, the FCEC Spiritual Director and three (3) or four (4) members of the FCEC who have broad awareness of the FCEC membership and a solid understanding of team needs. Team selection members are appointed by the Team Selection Committee chair.
  • Gatherings. This committee shall be responsible for scheduling the site chosen for the gathering, date, and obtaining a Fourth Day Speaker. The committee shall also be responsible for coordinating with someone from the church where the gathering is held regarding the need for tables, chairs, snacks, communion elements, etc.
  • Registration. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. The committee shall be responsible for the registration of pilgrims for each Walk weekend, being in contact with sponsors and pilgrims before each Walk weekend, signing in the pilgrims upon arrival for the weekend and coordinating with the Database Committee – furnishing them with current pilgrim roster upon the completion of each Walk. This committee is also responsible to work with various chairs providing them with pilgrim information for each walk. These include but are not limited to: Lay Director (special diets, medical issues and snoring), Outside Team Coordinator (complete pilgrim list – name, address, phone numbers, email, church and pastor), Supplies (name tag information), Behind the Scene and FCEC Board (total number of pilgrims). The board chair will send money received with a copy of the application to the FCEC treasurer.
  • Facility set-up/Breakdown. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. The committee shall set-up and breakdown the conference room, chapel, prayer chapel, and agape supplies room at Walk sites – including TV, VCR, and audio equipment. This committee needs to communicate with the Supplies chair for transport of FCEC trailer with walk materials to site.
  • Agape/Outside Team Support. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. 1) Snack Agape – Ask volunteers to be responsible for this job for each walk. While attending monthly gatherings, training sessions and other community functions; our community members should be reminded of the need to supply our walks with homemade snacks and packaged chips, drinks and fruit for the snack table. These snacks are made available to the pilgrims and team during the days of the walk in the conference room. Bottled water and non-carbonated beverages are encouraged. Non-food table and pillow agape is a project for many reunion groups. This agape needs to be 60 in number to assure enough for both pilgrims and team. Thursday night Send-off is a great way to deliver your agape. 2) Prayer Vigil Charts – Coordinate with Prayer Vigil Chairman to fill prayer times. (Community Wide Participation). If slots are incomplete, have chart available for community to sign at Sponsor’s Hour on Thursday. The chart is presented on Friday at about 2:45pm. 3) Provide necessary announcements at gatherings regarding: snack, pillow, table agape several months in advance of walks. 4) Write articles for the newsletter so that gatherings, reunion groups and non-active community members may participate in bringing agape to walks. 5) Bring writing materials to candlelight so letters can be written for pilgrims. 6) Participate in gatherings, send-off, closing, and candlelight as an act of agape. 7) Coordinate with Supply regarding folder fronts and nametags for each walk. 8) Send Agape letters to other communities per their requests. 9) Request and collect letters from other communities for our walks and give them to the Head Agape person of each walk to be ready for the Spiritual Director at the appropriate time. 10) Coordinate with Supply Chairman for the following agape opportunities: Book Covers, Lanyards, Saturday night Agape Feast/Snack. These are ideal opportunities for reunion groups.
  • Group Reunions/Follow-up. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. As soon as possible after each walk, contact each Sponsor and the Pilgrim either by email or mail. This would be a welcoming letter into the Emmaus Community. Just a reminder of the monthly gatherings, information on how to form or join a reunion group and upcoming community training (include dates and times). Include in letter about accountability and responsibilities as a Fourth Day member. Include contact addresses or phone numbers. Twice a year contact each reunion group and get an up-date from them. This will include: verifying reunion group name, names of people in the group and location of where they meet, how often they meet, what time they meet, contact person and phone number, if they have any room for more members, and if there are any other needs that the Group Reunion/Follow-up Committee can help them with. Most of these contacts can be done by submitting an article on group reunion/follow-up information in our current newsletter. Include info on how you can be contacted. After contacting each reunion group, update current list of reunion groups. This list is always on-going. After updates are made, contact Newsletter/Database and Website committees to inform of the changes. Be available at monthly gatherings and community trainings.
  • Supplies/Literature/Book Table. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. This committee is responsible for obtaining all the necessary supplies for each Emmaus Walk, ordering the needed manuals and literature for team training and weekends (including purple worship books, reunion cards, crosses, etc., and working with each Emmaus weekend to make sure the needed books for the Weekend Book Table are purchased and ready before the Emmaus Walks. The committee chair works closely with the Outside Team Coordinator and the Weekend Lay Director for each Walk as well as the Set-up/ Breakdown Chair and Agape/Outside Team Support Chair. Detailed instructions are provided to the chair of this committee.
  • Newsletter/Database. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. The committee will be responsible for the production and mailing of a regular newsletter to all members of the Four Comers Emmaus Community. This committee will also assist in keeping a current address list of the members of the community along with an accurate record of their team service. This committee will work closely with team selection in furnishing the necessary information before each Team Selection meeting. This committee will also work closely with the board chairs and those organizing local gatherings to furnish each with necessary information. This committee is also responsible to furnish necessary information to the Lay Directors of walks.
  • Music/Entertainment. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. The General Duties of this committee are: 1) Annual maintenance of CCLI licensure (Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc.) 2) Keep a list of Musicians in the FCEC, and provide this list to the chair of the Team Selection Committee. 3) Be sure we have songbooks or computer with PowerPoint or Easy Worship with songs used for Emmaus and projection equipment for Gatherings and Weekend activities. 4) Contact a musician to secure music for FCEC Gatherings (including 4th day Gatherings). Confirm dates with the FCEC Lay Director. Before the Weekend Walks: 1) Arrange musician(s) for Candlelight Service for both the Communion Service (8:30 PM Saturday night) as well as the following Candlelight Ceremony. We will need computer with PowerPoint or Easy Worship with songs used for Emmaus and projection equipment. 2) Arrange musicians or skit for Saturday night entertainment (5:30 PM). 3) Arrange music for Closing Ceremony Sunday (4:00 PM). We will need computer with PowerPoint or Easy Worship with songs used for Emmaus and projection equipment.
  • Candlelight/Sponsors Hour. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. This committee will be responsible for Sponsor’s hour on Thursday evening at Send-off time. The committee will also be responsible for securing needed items for set up for the Candlelight Ceremony by a plan decided upon by the weekend Lay Director, clean-up of same; and worship for the candlelight service, working with the Spiritual Director and musicians. Detailed instructions are provided to the chair of this committee.
  • Behind-The-Scenes-Support. This committee will help in the coordination of the selection of an Outside Team Coordinator for each Walk Weekend, help him or her in their functions, helping with any necessary transportation of team and pilgrims for a Walk weekend, and help recruit individuals to assist Outside Team Coordinator on weekends. Volunteer.
  • Prayer Vigil. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. This committee will be responsible for the 72-hour prayer vigil for all weekend Walks.
  • Community Training. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. This committee shall be responsible for leading, coordinating and producing community training for, but not limited to, future Lay and Spiritual Directors, team membership, sponsoring, board membership, and reunion groups, with training to take place as soon after a set of Walks as possible.
  • Website. This committee shall be chaired by (1) board member. This committee will be responsible for communicating with the webmaster of The FCEC and updating the community website information and calendar. This committee will also be responsible for updating walk dates and community information on the Upper Room website.
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