Board of Directors


Ben Stoner Spiritual Director
Denver DeWees Asst. Spiritual Director
Roger Scott Asst. Lay Director 2019
Gretchen Potter Treasurer 2021
Charley Tyler Lay Director 2020
Cindy Bates Secretary 2021
Lisbeth Smith Member at Large 2021
Mark Cole Member at Large 2019
Gigi Stoner Member at Large 2021
Jim HattenMember at Large 2019
Samuel Brescia Member at Large 2020
Buck Frisbee Member at Large 2020

Officer Duties

  • Community Lay Director. The Community Lay Director shall serve a term of one (1) year and conduct all board meeting. Following his/her term of office he/she will become the immediate past Lay Director and serve as an Ex Offico member for one year.
  • Secretary. The Secretary shall take minutes at all board meetings, keep an accurate roster, and do all correspondence for the board.
  • Treasurer. The Treasurer shall collect all monies, make deposits, pay all debts, and submit a written report detailing income and expenses at all FCEC board meetings. The end of year report review & audit occurs by someone besides a board member.
  • Community Spiritual Director. The Community Spiritual Director shall lead the spiritual life of the FCEC, the Board and will be responsible for communion at board meetings and FCEC gatherings. The Spiritual Director shall maintain a list of eligible Spiritual Directors within the geographical area for the weekend Walk to Emmaus. He/She will serve on the team selection committee and the nominating committee.

The Bylaws

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